KiwiSkills and ICDL

Tertiary students trying the KiwiSkills/ICDL tests during a campus event.
Tertiary students trying the KiwiSkills/ICDL tests during a campus event.

KiwiSkills is our leading programme offering support to jobseekers. It is delivered using ICDL, which is an internationally recognised benchmark for digital skills in the workplace.

This certificate programme is offered in an advanced online learning environment that includes training, diagnostic and certificate testing.

Our delivery partners have embraced the new ICDL introductory courses EqualSkills and Intro to ICDL Base, which offer foundation digital literacy. The workbook based courses were popular with learners with a total of 640 being allocated in 2015/16.

We continue to increase our effort in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand by partnering with secondary schools, tertiary education institutions and community groups.

International standard training available free to jobseekers

In August 2014 the 20/20 Trust signed a Lottery Grant Agreement to train 7,500 unemployed people in basic digital skills.  The KiwiSkills programme uses ICDL online training and testing to upskill participants with essential digital skills for life and work. It is free to jobseekers, nationwide.

Participant select modules to customise their self-paced training to match their needs. On successful completion they are awarded the ICDL qualification, recognized and valued by employers, NZQA and internationally.

Kiwiskills is

  • Free for New Zealand jobseekers aged 16 and over
  • User-friendly and self-paced
  • Can be done at home or in a class

Read more on the KiwiSkills website

KiwiSkills participants can expect similar benefits to those experienced in other 20/20 digital skills programmes. 


ICDL – a qualification recognised nationally and internationallyICDL logo

ICDL is a leading digital literacy programme giving an internationally recognised qualification – the International Computer Driving Licence. For over a decade, ICDL has offered online training and online testing in New Zealand.  The associated KiwiSkills programme makes ICDL freely available to job seekers. 

20/20 is the ICDL national partner in New Zealand

An ICDL student at the computer
Tom An working on a Microsoft Word ICDL module at Lynfield College .

The ICDL Foundation licences national partners around the world to implement its training and certification programmes. In 2012, the 20/20 Trust became the ICDL licensee for New Zealand.  The Trust works in partnership with Accredited Test Centres (ATCs) to deliver the programme. This includes schools, PTEs and tertiary education institutions as well as corporate, government and community organisations.

ICDL has been assessed at level 2 on the New Zealand qualifications framework and several modules carry NCEA Level 2 credits. The programme imparts digital skills needed in the workplace and also provides a good digital foundation for students going on to tertiary education. (Polytechnics typically provide certificate and diploma programmes at level 3 and above.)

Modules include

  • Online essentials
  • Computer essentials
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Using databases
  • Presentations
  • Online collaboration
  • Web editing
  • Image editing
  • Digital Marketing

Read full details of these and more advanced or specialised modules on the ICDL website.

Established and growing

During 2015-16 1,791 candidates completed 2,649  diagnostic tests and 877 certificate tests, through 30 training and accredited test centres. Under the KiwiSkills programme (see below), we are training 7,500 jobseekers over 2015-17, and now have over 50 centres in the programmes.

The ICDL team

  • June Robinson, ICDL/KiwiSkills Manager
  • Laurence Zwimpfer, National Operations Manager
  • Karin Elliott, ICDL Programme Coordinator
  • Eleanor Dashfield, ICDL Administrative Assistant
  • 20/20 Trust’s regional coordinators, who locally promote and support ICDL

Visit the New Zealand ICDL website for more information and the latest news.