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Stepping UP - ICT for a better future
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Stepping UP began in 2009 as a partnership between the Trust and Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential programme. It teaches people practical computer skills that help them at work and at home, with a series of 2-hour training modules (‘digital steps’) available in their own community. Since 2012, all Computers in Homes graduates have been invited to participate in four digital steps to continue their digital learning journey.  Altogether, 1,315 individuals participated in Stepping UP in 2014-15, over 850 in 2015-2016, and over 900 in the first 7 months of 2016.

Stepping Up in Libraries

Blenheim Mums on Stepping UPWe collaborate with public libraries in delivering Stepping UP to their local communities. The programme was piloted in five Hutt City libraries in 2012.  Feedback from the community was very positive so sessions are now offered every week on a ‘business-as-usual’ basis, with classes consistently being fully booked.

In July 2016 Stepping UP programmes was running in 33 libraries and 14 regions, with more libraries joining the programme all the time.

Stepping UP in local hubs

The DORA mobile digital learning centre with Stepping UP participants, at Woolston School, Christchurch.
The DORA mobile digital learning centre with Stepping UP participants, at Woolston School, Christchurch.

The programme was extended to community hubs in local schools in 2013, initially operating in four Lower Hutt schools: St Michael’s, Pomare, Taita and Epuni. The first of these – St Michael’s – was recognised with an ACE Aotearoa ‘Commended’ Award in the 2013 Adult and Community Education Dynamic Community Learning Awards.

Stepping UP is now running in 12 community hubs.

DORA the digital bus

DORA , our mobile digital learning centre, was launched in October 2012 and since then has been working hard with her minder (regional coordinator Sue Davidson) around the eastern suburbs of Christchurch and on the West Coast, providing Stepping UP and Computers in Homes training.

Impact and Participant Feedback

Participants are asked to complete a short online survey after each module, with 4,486 modules completed in 2014/2015 across 31 training sites. Participants rank the friendliness of the instructor, having a mentor and the local venue as all being ‘extremely important’ in their enjoyment of the Stepping UP classes. Most participants go on to take more Stepping UP classes, and some go on to further education.

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