• Computers in Homes funding ended; new Family Connect pilots

    The 20/20 Computers in Homes Annual Report 2017 is now available. This award-winning programme has once again exceeded its targets, and upskilled and connected 1,805 families last year – that’s nearly 20,000 families connected over 17 years. We are concerned that funding has ended with many families with school age children still offline; but there is some good news too – a new 20/20 programme is piloting in Auckland. Called Family Connect, it focuses on adults with low or no education qualifications. Read more at Computers in Homes

  • 20/20's Sue West talking to AUT security students

    Sue’s tips address top NZ web security worries

    Recently 20/20’s Sue West was a guest lecturer for AUT students of Information Security Technologies. Dr William Liu, Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader, invited Sue because of her expertise and knowledge of digital inclusion and web security related challenges and opportunities. We share Sue’s top 5 tips for web security. Read more

  • Global Human Capital Report 2017 - GNI extract showing NZ is high on index, but lags behind the top group in Gross National Income per capita

    Global Human Capital Report ranks NZ 7th; GDP lags; stresses digital fluency and lifelong learning

    The World Economic Forums The Global Human Capital Report 2017 – Preparing people for the future of work provides a new benchmark for leaders to build the workforces of the future, with score cards for 130 countries researched. Its future focus reinforces the economic and social need for digital literacy and digital inclusion in building human capital. Read more

  • Spark Jump now available through Dunedin Public Libraries

    Spark and 20/20 announce subsidised pre-pay broadband is now available through Dunedin Public Libraries. As learning goes digital, students without home broadband risk being left behind. Spark Jump enables more children to go online out of class hours and get on the right side of the Digital Divide. Read more at Stepping Up

  • Will we leave them behind?

    Support grows for Digital Inclusion Manifesto

    More organisations are signing up to the Digital Inclusion Manifesto. which calls for digital inclusion in all government programmes. 20/20 Trust Chair, Laurence Millar said there is widespread community support for the Manifesto’s goals, but few government-funded programmes specifically address New Zealand’s digital divide. “Our Manifesto calls on government to prioritise digital inclusion and skills… Read more

  • Lincoln High students are ICDL stars

    This month we celebrate the achievements of Lincoln High School student Chris Green-Davis. Chris began his ICDL journey in June this year and scored a stunning 100% in the Word Processing certificate test. He has gone on to complete and pass another six ICDL modules since then! Chris is one of eighteen students working their Read more at ICDL New Zealand

  • Spark Jump

    Affordable internet: Spark Jump cost drops 33%; 5 more partners

    We’re delighted to announce that 5 more Spark Jump partners – three libraries, a Māori development organisation and a pc recycling trust. There are now 29 Spark Jump partners and we are looking for still more. More good news: the Spark Foundation have lowered the cost of prepay 30 GB/30 days from $15 to $10, making Spark Jump even more affordable. Read more at Stepping Up

  • eWaste Manifesto launched by eDay Trust

    The eDay Trust has produced a manifesto on eWaste, calling upon all political parties to support a sustainable solution. eWaste contains both toxic and valuable material, it is growing into a major problem and initiatives to date have not been sustainable. Read more

  • Will we leave them behind?

    Literacy Day – Rethinking literacy in a digital world

    The 20/20 Trust welcomes ‘literacy in a digital world’ as the focus for UNESCO’s International Literacy Day on 8 September.  Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, says digital technologies open vast new opportunities – but can marginalize those who lack essential skills, like literacy, needed to navigate them. “We couldn’t agree more,” said Laurence Millar, Chair of the 20/20 Trust.  “This is why we recently released a Digital Inclusion Manifesto … Read more

  • NetHui 2017 update and fellowships (help with costs)

    Want to come to NetHui (9-10 November) but can’t afford to? NetHui fellowships help pay for travel, accommodation, childcare, registration or other expenses. Applications close on 20 September. This year’s fellowships focus on bringing more youth, women and Māori and Pasifika people to NetHui. Read more