Our five strategic goals

Our Vision: New Zealanders fully participating in the digital world.
Our Mission: Provide leadership and work with communities to deliver programmes that contribute to New Zealanders’ digital literacy, skills and inclusion.

The 20/20 Trust has five strategic goals to realise our vision and our mission of digital literacy, skills and inclusion for New Zealanders:

1. Affordable access to the digital society

To ensure every New Zealander has the opportunity to use digital devices and services to learn, communicate, innovate and enhance wealth.

2. Digital skills for all

To ensure every New Zealander has basic digital skills to use the computer, the internet and mobile devices. Access and skills are both essential for participation.

3. Digital Inclusion

To ensure that every citizen is able to participate in New Zealand’s digital society and that no-one is left behind – requiring a focus on disadvantaged groups.

4. Personal attitudes to digital competence

To see New Zealanders transact online and engage safely in online networks including the ability to support themselves and each other.

5. Active application of digital competence

To increase the level of citizen participation in economic, government, social and cultural activities by creating and publishing as much digital information as they consume.