A College of many cultures

Smiling children dance in colourful national costumeThe latest Living Heritage site was published on 19 June 2014 by Waitakere College students  “A College of many Cultures website.

Students researched their school history and its cultures as well as the migration stories from many of their peers.  They discovered that students at the College came from 19 different cultures and in just one class, 10 different languages were spoken in the students’ homes.

Living Heritage is an initiative of the 2020 Trust, supported by the National Library of New Zealand.  It enables New Zealand and Pacific Island schools or individual students to develop and publish an online resource, based on a heritage treasure (taonga) in their community.  The National Library has agreed to preserve these stories forever in the National Digital Heritage Archive.

The programme is open to all schools in New Zealand and Pacific Island countries.  Contact the project managers, Barbara and Eric Baker if your school wishes to participate.