Chertsey School wins Chromebooks in Survey Prize Draw

Chertsey School (Kerrin and Kyle)
2020 Intern, Kyle Cotchett with Chertsey School Principal, Kerrin Lester

Chertsey School in mid-Canterbury, near Ashburton, was the winner of the prize draw for ten new turquoise HP Chromebooks.  They were delivered to the school today by Laurence Zwimpfer from the 2020 Trust and 2020 intern Kyle Cotchett.  The school was drawn at random from the 729 schools that completed the Digital Technologies in Schools survey, managed by the 2020 Communications Trust.  The survey has been carried out every two years since 1992 to monitor how schools are deploying and using information and communication technologies.  A special focus of the 2014 survey has been on individual learning devices for students.

Students at Chertsey School with their new HP Chromebooks. Photo Credit: Toni Williams, Ashburton Guardian

Principal Kerrin Lester was delighted to receive the chromebooks.  “I’m so pleased I filled in the survey,” she said. “Technology plays a big part in our learning programmes at Chertsey school, and we are especially pleased to have these new Chromebooks – we are a Google school”.  The school is digitally enabled with a robust wireless network in each classroom and an ultra-fast fibre internet connection, provided by Electricity Ashburton.

The results of the digital technologies survey are expected to be available in September; a copy of the final report will be sent to every school.  The survey provides a useful benchmark for schools to compare their digital learning environments and also provides a trusted basis for policy development by the Ministry of Education.

Sponsors of the 2014 survey are Chorus, HP, Ministry of Education, The Science Learning Hub (Waikato University), N4L, InternetNZ, Research New Zealand, Microsoft, What Just Changed and Te Puni Kokiri.