Lottery Grant to help unemployed gain digital skills

The 2020 Trust signed a Lottery Grant Agreement today for $1.4M over three years that will result in 7500 unemployed people obtaining basic digital skills. New logo The programme called KiwiSkills 21C (Digital Skills for 21st Century Workers) uses the internationally-recognised ICDL online training and testing products to upskill participants with essential digital skills for life and work.  The programme will be offered at no charge to accredited training providers who are able to incorporate the digital skills training into existing programmes for unemployed people, helping them become work-ready.  Participants are expected to come from Work and Income referrals as well as graduates from the Trust’s Computers in Homes programme, nearly 70% of whom are unemployed.

ICDL LogoThe Trust will initially be partnering with 20 existing ICDL accredited test centres to deliver the programme, but this network is expected to grow to around 40 over the next three years.

The March 2014 Household Labour Force Survey revealed a total of 112,400 people who are unemployed (7.34% of the total labour force).  Over half of the unemployed live in Auckland.  In other regions, the percentage of unemployed varies from 8.35% in Gisborne/Hawkes Bay to 3.31% in Canterbury.

Unemployment in New Zealand 
(based on Household Labour Force Survey March 2014)
Region Total Unemployed Percentage
Gisborne/Hawkes Bay 111,400 9,300 8.35%
Northland 76,600 6,200 8.09%
Manawatu/ Wanganui 118,900 9,200 7.74%
Auckland 806,800 58,700 7.28%
Bay of Plenty 133,100 9,500 7.14%
Waikato 218,300 15,200 6.96%
Taranaki 65,700 4,300 6.54%
Wellington 290,900 16,000 5.50%
Nelson/Marl/West Coast 100,800 4,900 4.86%
Southland 53,500 2,500 4.67%
Otago 133,000 6,100 4.59%
Canterbury 369,100 12,200 3.31%
Total 1,530,800 112,400 7.34%