Wesley Primary School wins HP Chromebooks

Laurence and Claire
Claire Edwards, DP at Wesley School, with one of the new HP Chromebooks

Wesley Primary School in Auckland was the second school to receive HP Chromebooks in the prize draw for completing the recent 2020 Trust survey on Digital Technologies in Schools.  Deputy Principal, Claire Edwards, was on hand to receive the five HP chromebooks when they were delivered this week by 2020 Contracts Director, Laurence Zwimpfer and Computers in Homes Regional Coordinator, Cara Sefuiva.  Claire said the gift was very timely as the school is just about to embark on a programme deploying chromebooks for students.  She also said that the school was happy to take part in the survey. “You just never know what might happen,” she said, ” so we always participate in these things.”

The survey results are currently being analysed by ResearchNZ; a final report is expected in October.  The survey covers a wide range of digital technology issues facing schools, including ICT infrastructure, how schools are using digital technologies in learning and what difference they are making.  The survey also asks schools to identify barriers they are facing in deploying digital technologies and ensuring their students get the best educational outcomes.

A copy of the report will be distributed to all schools when it is available and a summary published in Interface.