Meetup calls for clearer definition and measures of digital inclusion

Auckland Digital Inclusion Meetup at TSI (October 15 2014)
Community, Council and Government representatives collaborating at Digital Inclusion Meetup in South Auckland. Left to right: Michael Howden (2020 Trust), Robert Lundberg (Auckland Council), Robin Campbell (MBIE) and Tim Watton (Auckland Council)

An Auckland Digital Inclusion meetup, held yesterday at The Southern Initiative offices in Manukau, has identified the need to clarify the definition and measures of digital inclusion.  An earlier meetup, held in August, agreed to progress a stocktake of digital inclusion initiatives in Auckland, but the meeting yesterday challenged whether this was putting the cart before the horse.  It was suggested that the first priority should be to develop and agree a clear definition of digital inclusion and how this can be measured.  It would then be appropriate to identify current initiatives and assess their respective contributions towards creating a more digitally included community.  Barriers and gaps could be identified and these would provide a focus for developing an action plan.

The Digital Inclusion Meetup was facilitated by the 2020 Trust and InternetNZ, as a follow up to NetHui 2014 where the challenges of scaling up successful digital inclusion initiatives for Auckland were discussed. Twenty people attended the lunchtime meetup, including representatives from central government, Auckland Council, libraries, tertiary education providers, IT suppliers and local community organisations.  The group resolved to meet again late November to develop the action plan.