New map proposed for digital inclusion initiatives in New Zealand

Call to add digital inclusion initiatives to prototype website
Call for adding digital inclusion initiatives to prototype website

Press release 9 July 2015: Day Zero of NetHui yesterday saw the 2020 Communications Trust launch a social media drive to collect and map all the digital inclusion projects across New Zealand.

Vanisa Dhiru, Executive Director of the 2020 Trust explains, “The digital sector needs a better understanding of who is working with which communities,to build and grow digital skills. There are some great projects happening across the country but many remain unknown and need visibility.

The first step we suggest is to map as many digital inclusion projects as we can, to get a picture of who is doing what, then we can all see where best to use our resources.”

With the plans for many government services moving online, the growth of everyday transactions like online shopping and banking, we need to have a variety of ways to help every New Zealand participate online.

“To use the Internet, you still need skills, access, motivation – and to feel that you can trust the online environment. We need a range of ways to help Kiwis to feel comfortable in the digital world – and that means more courses and access points to get on the Internet. There are many already out there, and we need to know about them. Organisations hosting these initiatives could work together better to help more people, or share participants if there are too many for one place to deal with.”

It is envisaged that the portal is likely to support local authorities with a better understanding of the digital inclusion world, as well help with knowledge to facilitate more collaboration in the sector.

The 2020 Trust is hosting a prototype portal ( to map digital inclusion projects across New Zealand. NetHui participants have been asked to add their knowledge to the portal, with the aim to get a good set of data which may in time be overlayed with other data sets (for example mobile use and connectivity statistics) to provide a picture of where the digital divide is at its worst in New Zealand.

DigitalInclusionRotatorTo add a digital skills project, computer access place or organisation, fill in the quick form at Or tweet @2020TrustNZ using hashtags #digitalpin and #NetHui  to put an initiative in your region on the map.

About 2020 Trust

The 2020 Trust is a registered not-for-profit charitable trust that was set up in 1996 by the Wellington City Council to promote digital literacy, initially for Wellington citizens, and in the year 2000 the scope was extended to include all New Zealanders. Our vision is for all New Zealanders to be able to fully participate in a digital world. In order to achieve this vision, everyone needs the opportunity and the skills to become digitally literate.

Further information:

Vanisa Dhiru, Executive Director, 2020 Trust         021 550 497