Outspoken: Vanisa Dhiru

Vanisa Dhiru, Executive Director, 2020 Trust featured on Radio New Zealand’s Outspoken on Wednesday 14th October 2015. 

Outspoken is a video series about real people who care about real issues, published on The Wireless with funding from NZ On Air.

The digital world is only getting bigger, which is why it’s more important than ever that we stay connected.

Vanisa Dhiru is a New Zealand-born Indian who champions digital literacy across our communities, schools and marae, and she wants to see digital inclusion become a human right.

In New Zealand, four out of five homes are connected to the internet. Vanisa says that to fill the gap, we need to ensure that getting online is affordable and that families have the devices needed to make it happen.

“If the world becomes more digital, it’s so so important for everyone to participate and feel like they’re part of a global society online.”