Six more schools put their stories on Living Heritage

Updated 17/12/2015

Recently four – no, now it’s six – New Zealand primary schools researched and published stories on Living Heritage, linked below. There are now over 140 nearly 150 schools’ Living Heritage stories online.

Living Heritage is a bilingual initiative enabling New Zealand and Pacific Island school students to develop and publish an online resource, based on a heritage treasure in their community. These stories are then preserved for future generations by the National Library archive.

  • Family celebrations

    Khandallah School – Primary

    This term Khandallah School Class 7 students have all had their sixth birthday. Then they wondered what else to we celebrate with our families?

  • The Grand Pet Day

    Lincoln Primary School – Primary

    Pet Days have been happening for many years at Lincoln Primary School. The students share the history of their Pet Day.

  • Karitane landmarks

    Karitane School – Primary

    Students from Karitane School share some of the interesting places in their community that are special to them.

  • How Hokitika got its name

    Hokitika Primary School – Primary

    Hokitika – a town well-known but a question is often asked, is there a story behind its name? Hokitika Primary School bi-lingual class shares their discovery.

  • A community school

    Wairakei Primary School, Taupō – Primary

    This dedicated bunch of Enviro Critters love to get creative, innovative and their hands dirty! Find out about their many environmental projects.

  • Hikurangi: Past, present and future

    Hikurangi School – Primary

    In the past Hikurangi has had thriving timber, coal mining and dairying industries. The students of Room 4 have been researching the history of their town.

About Living Heritage

Living Heritage is an online bilingual initiative that enables New Zealand and Pacific Island schools or individual students or youths to develop and publish an online resource, based on a heritage treasure in their community.

Living Heritage preserves history and culture in a digital format for every generation, and allows the voices of our young people to present a view of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands on the World Wide Web.

Free to all
Participation in Living Heritage is free to all New Zealand and Pacific Island schools and open to all age groups, including youth. Self-publishing web pages help simplify the process of online publishing for students and teachers.

Students as storytellers
Living Heritage provides an authentic learning experience by encouraging students to become investigators and storytellers, collaborating with each other to research, write, and publish on the Web.

Studing local heritage
Students can identify a unique and important piece of local heritage to share on the Web such as the story of a local person, family, event, landmark, marae, or building.

Links to the curriculum
A Living Heritage web-based story incorporates the use of ICT across a range of curriculum areas, such as social sciences, technology, English, science and education for sustainability. Visit Living Heritage’s section on curriculum integration for detailed information on how Living Heritage relates to The New Zealand Curriculum.

Living Heritage (Tikanga Tuku Iho) is a project of the 2020 Trust in partnership with Learning Media until recently, and The National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa.