Civic Award for Chair of e-Porirua

e-Learning Chair Graham Kelly and Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett
e-Learning Chair Graham Kelly and Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett

The 2020 Trust congratulates Graham Kelly, Chair of the Porirua e-Learning Trust, on his Civic Award.

The Porirua Civic Awards recognise and show appreciation to Porirua citizens for their outstanding voluntary service to the community. Mayor Nick Leggett said (in part):

“Graham was the original driving force behind establishing the highly successful Porirua City Community IT Educational (e-Learning) Trust and has held the position of Chair for the last 15 years.

‘Porirua e-Learning aims to support low-income communities to gain computer access and skills to strengthen their education and job options through the community-driven Computers in Homes programme. This _dsc2435_graham_kelly_011programme provides computers in homes, schools and Community Learning Centres and provides families with the necessary skills and internet access to support their children’s learning, obtain employment and engage more fully in society.’

‘Since formation, Porirua e-Learning has distributed computers, or finance for computers, to 24 low-decile schools in Porirua City with a combined roll of 7,000 students to lift their ratio of computers to pupils. In addition, e-Learning has now trained and given 1926 home computers to families, benefiting over 2,300 adults and 6,070 children in Porirua.’

Read the full article on Porirua e-Learning Trust’s website

Note: The Porirua e-Learning Trust has been a leading Computers in Homes partner of the 2020 Trust since the early days of the programme. The 2020 Trust’s pilot school was Cannon’s Creek primary school in Porirua, who’s principal Ashley Blair became a 2020 Trustee and worked with Barbara Craig, Laurence Zwimpfer and other 2020 trustees and volunteers to expand the programme and take it to other regions.