2020 Trust appoints Stephen Carr as Executive Director

Stephen Carr, the newly appointed Executive Director of the 2020 Trust

The Board of Trustees of 2020 Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Carr as Executive Director of the Trust. Stephen joins us from his position as Chief Executive Officer of Prison Chaplaincy Service of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Over the last 3 months, 2020 Trust has introduced management changes to respond to changing government expectations, improve organisational effectiveness, and contribute to strengthening the national development of digital skills.

The new management team comprises three Area Managers with geographic accountability for programme delivery, supported by three Product Managers for the Computers in Homes, Stepping UP and ICDL/Kiwiskills programmes, plus a National Operations and Development Group.  The Executive Director will lead the new management team, and also take on the role of Area Manager, Southern.

The changes have been designed to:

  • Enable a better understanding of the needs of individual communities;
  • Provide a broader range of options for digital access and skills, by bringing together elements of individual programmes to match those needs;
  • Develop a range of learning pathways that meet the needs of different groups, and align them with expectations of our funders;
  • Achieve better targeting of programmes based on data analysis and research;
  • Strengthen communications across the multiple programmes that 2020 Trust provides; and
  • Enable increased innovation, and more effective use of technology.

“The appointment of Stephen completes these changes and positions 2020 Trust well to provide leadership and work with communities to build and strengthen digital inclusion” says Laurence Millar, who will return to his role as Chair of 2020 Trust when Stephen starts as Executive Director in November 2016.

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