Solway School wins Chromebooks in schools survey draw

Year 5/6 students at Solway School with their new Chromebooks. Photo credit: Year 5/6 Kauri Class

Solway School in Masterton has won 10 Acer Chromebooks in a prize draw for schools that completed the 2016/17 Digital Technologies in Schools survey.

The school was drawn at random from the 464 schools that completed the survey, managed by the 20/20 Trust.

Zooming in on future-focused learning

The survey has been carried out every two years since 1992 to monitor how schools are deploying and using digital technologies.  A special focus of the 2016/17 survey has been on future-focused learning.

New Chromebooks improve ratio from 1 in 3

Assistant Principal, Steve Hornby, said the school was delighted to receive the Chromebooks.  “I’m so pleased I filled in the survey,” he said. “Technology plays a big part in our learning programmes at Solway School.  Our year 5/6 classes already use Chromebooks, but it is a challenge when we only have one computer for every three students. The new Chromebooks will be a huge boost for our students.”

Digital Technologies in New Zealand Schools 2017 cover

Results sent out in May

The results of the digital technologies survey will be published during May with a copy of the final report being sent to every school.  The survey provides a useful benchmark for schools to compare their digital learning environments and also provides a trusted basis for policy development by the Ministry of Education.

Partners and sponsors

Sponsors of the 2016/17 survey are InternetNZ, Microsoft, 2degrees, NetSafe, Research NZ and the Ministry of Education as well as the 20/20 Trust.