New tool maps Digital Divide in New Zealand

NZ’s digital divide now on display

A new map that clearly shows where digital divides exist in New Zealand is now available.

The 20/20 Trust and InternetNZ teamed up to build an interactive map called the Digital Divide Map.  The colour-coded ‘HEAT’ map shows the different digital divides facing New Zealanders and their communities and complements the 20/20 Trust’s existing Digital Inclusion map.

You can see Internet infrastructure access, digital skill gaps and socioeconomic divides broken down by area units across New Zealand.
Digital Exclusion map, showing resources in Mascot

Revealing areas of greatest disadvantage

20/20 Chair Laurence Millar says “Internet access and digital skills are rapidly becoming essential for daily life in New Zealand. New Zealanders without access, skills and confidence in using these tools are seriously disadvantaged. This new map reveals the areas likely to have greatest disadvantage.”

“Our vision is that all New Zealanders fully participate in the digital world.”

No New Zealander denied potential

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says it’s important that people are aware of the digital divides in New Zealand.

“Some people don’t have access to the Internet, some are not skilled enough to use it and some cannot afford an Internet connection.

“This is something that we want to see fixed. The Internet has so many benefits for us all and no New Zealander should be denied the potential that the Internet offers us,” says Carter.

Digital Inclusion resources in Mangere South
Digital Inclusion resources in Mangere South

Divides and resources shown

The purpose of the map is to help identify these divides, understand them, and therefore help local, regional and national decision makers address the divides.

The map also pinpoints known digital inclusion projects and local community resources to address digital skill gaps, using the 20/20 Trust’s Digital Inclusion map’s database of digital inclusion projects and local resources. Any resources in the area clicked on are shown, adding an extra dimension of information to the display of internet access infrastructure, digital skill gaps and socioeconomic divides.  Area sizes range from a mesh-block showing part of a suburb upwards.

We want your suggestions and feedback

Mangere South on the Digital Inclusion map
For comparison, Mangere South on the Digital Inclusion map

The 20/20 Trust and InternetNZ would like to improve the map in the near future and we have some ideas to make it even more useful. For example, we may improve local resources display, adding functionality from the 20/20 Digital Inclusion map.

We are seeking feedback from people who have suggestions on any improvements. Any suggestions can be sent to or

The Digital Divide Map was made possible thanks to our partner InternetNZ and funding from the Data Futures Partnership.

View the new digital exclusion map at

View the existing digital inclusion resource map at