Support grows for Digital Inclusion Manifesto

Literacy in a Digital World -Will we leave them behind?
Literacy in a Digital World -Will we leave them behind? (UNESCO Literacy video)

More organisations are signing up to the Digital Inclusion Manifesto. which calls for digital inclusion in all government programmes.

The Manifesto was launched on 29th August by the 20/20 Trust with support from education, business, training, employment, libraries, communications and other organisations.

New supporters

Since then Amokura (Taitokerau Iwi Chief Executive’s Consortium), CoCCA Registry Services, Digits (educational trust), Manawatu Chamber of Commerce, Remarkit (Green IT recyclers) and SeniorNet Wellington have added their support, joining the Industry Training Federation, InternetNZ, Mayors Taskforce for Jobs, Public Libraries, Spark,  REAPs, technology trusts and national bodies. (You can add your organisation’s support here.)

Laurence Millar - Chair
Laurence Millar – Chair of 20/20 says there is widespread community support for Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion & skills needed in all programmes

20/20 Trust Chair, Laurence Millar says “Our Manifesto calls on government to prioritise digital inclusion and skills as a core element of all its programmes. Digital skills are needed for learning, work, transacting business and daily life.”

People overestimate their digital skills

“Just because people has a mobile digital device it doesn’t mean that they are ‘digitally literate’.”

Research shows that having social media skills does not mean you have workplace digital skills but few government-funded programmes specifically address New Zealand’s digital divide.

Digital Inclusion/Exclusion indicators

  • 120,000 NZ school children have no home internet access
  • The government’s target is for 80% of all transactions to be completed online by 2021 but digitally excluded people are high users of government services
  • 50% of New Zealanders in work want more digital skills for future employability
  • Businesses are in a productivity recession, with GDP per capita flat for the last five years
  • 50% of New Zealanders are concerned ‘That people from low socioeconomic backgrounds have poor access to the Internet’
  • 55% of New Zealanders are concerned ‘That people living in remote areas have poor access to the Internet’
  • In 2016/17, 21% of participating families in (the 20/20 Trust’s) digital literacy programme secured a job within 12 months.

“We look forward to a dialogue with the next government on how New Zealand can achieve full digital inclusion” concluded Mr Millar.

The Manifesto Goals,  who supports them and suggested actions that government could take.

Add your organisation’s support for the Manifesto Goals

The full 20/20 Trust Digital Inclusion Manifesto (pdf, 940KB)



For further information contact:
Laurence Millar
021 441 461

About the 20/20 Trust

The 20/20 Trust helps New Zealanders participate in the digital world.  Our mission is to provide leadership and work with communities to deliver digital inclusion programmes.

20/20 Trust digital literacy and inclusion programmes include

  • Computers in Homes – bringing digital skills and access to New Zealand families: 19,000 so far
  • ICDL – the international standard for digital skills
  • KiwiSkills – giving digital skills to jobseekers
  • Stepping UP – digital skills for life, learning and work
  • Refugee Connect – the first of a new family of programmes connecting New Zealanders
  • Digital Inclusion Map – mapping digital inclusion resources across New Zealand
  • Digital Divide – mapping social well-being and digital exclusion (with InternetNZ)