Coalition Agreement restores funding for Computers in Homes

Coalition Agreement restores funding for Computers in Homes
Computers in Homes is listed on page 4, under Education

MEDIA RELEASE: For immediate release – 24 October 2017

Coalition Agreement restores funding for Computers in Homes

The Coalition Agreement between Labour and NZ First, released today, has restored funding for the 20/20 Trust’s Computers in Homes programme.

Laurence Millar, Chair of the 20/20 Trust, expressed his delight at this news. “Computers in Homes has been operating for 17 years and has supported nearly 19,000 families, but we estimate there are still 40,000 households with school-aged children without access to the internet,” he said.  “Today’s announcement will help ensure the children in these households are not disadvantaged in their learning, and that the adults have the opportunity to use digital skills in all aspects of their lives.”

“I would like to acknowledge all the Members of Parliament who have supported our programme, by participating in Computers in Homes graduation events at schools in their electorates,” Mr Millar said. “Our programme is about building the confidence of parents and whānau to engage in the digital world and support their children’s learning.  When a local MP turns up to present graduation certificates, it provides a real boost to parents and grandparents about the importance of digital technologies for learning, for work and for life.”

“The Trust would also like to acknowledge the tremendous support from industry partners in supplying digital devices and affordable internet connections, as well as local community training providers.  The success of Computers in Homes relies on the dedication and support of all these partners,” he concluded.

About the 20/20 Trust

The 20/20 Trust is focused on supporting all New Zealanders to participating in the digital world.  Our mission is to provide leadership and work with communities to deliver programmes that contribute to New Zealanders’ digital literacy, skills and inclusion.  We believe every New Zealander should:

1.     Have affordable access to devices and services so they can learn, communicate, innovate and enhance their lives.

2.     Have the basic skills needed to use a device and access the internet.

3.     Be able to safely transact and engage when online and participate in economic, social and cultural activities.

4.     Be included so no-one is left behind, meaning a focus on disadvantaged groups and including all in our society.

5.     Be encouraged to create and publish as much digital information as they consume.


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(Computers in Homes is listed on page 4, under Education)