Join us at NetHui 2017 – first 3 free

NetHui is New Zealand’s most diverse and interactive Internet community event – and this year’s conversation promises to be as engaging as ever with a sterling line-up of keynotes, panels and facilitated sessions.

‘Trust and Freedom’

We are super excited to support this event as session facilitators and as an InternetNZ strategic partner. We would love you to come and join in the conversation. The theme this year is ‘Trust and Freedom’ and that’ll definitely include how the political changes signalled by the parties now in Government will affect trust and freedom issues on the internet.

Digital inclusion

And, as usual, there is a strong digital inclusion element (and strong 20/20 representation) both in NetHui, and in the free 1-day Internet Research forum the day before. 20/20 Chair Laurence Millar, Auckland area manager Sue West and web support Bill Dashfield are hosting digital inclusion/literacy/mapping discussion sessions, and will talk about our new programmes and pilots – as well as the re-activation of Computers in Homes thanks to strong support by ALL the government coalition parties.

Other 20/20 people, past and present, will be there too – it’s a great chance to meet up.

Digital Literacy Special Interest Group

There’s also an exciting joint initiative to set up a Digital Literacy Special Interest Group/Community of Practice.

It’s a steal – and free for the first 3!

At $55 for 2-3 days, NetHui registration won’t break the bank – and the first 3 registrations (in response to this news item) will be totally free, thanks to our friends at InternetNZ!   Just quote voucher code ‘4326SXPG’ and if you are one of the first 3, your registration is free!

NetHui 2017, 9-10 November 2017, Aotea Centre, Auckland


Twitter: @NetHuiNZ


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