New NZ report: the State of the Internet 2017

20/20 strategic partner InternetNZ has released the 2017 State of the Internet report, the third annual report of its kind; the first being in 2015.

The annual State of the Internet report is a look at some key aspects of the Internet in New Zealand. It looks at access to the Internet, and creative uses of the Internet, and this year has an in-depth look at trust and security issues in New Zealand.

On Access.  InternetNZ says:

  • “We are going to focus much more on digital divides to help identify the types of digital
    divides affecting New Zealanders, and assist others in tackling the divides that are affecting
    their communities.”

In line with 20/20’s research findings – that affordability, skills motivation and trust are now the key issues for digital inclusion – InternetNZ identify that internet availability is no longer a problem for most New Zealanders; they say

“We are committed to advocating for universal access, but for the 80-90% that have Internet, infrastructure availability is not the pressing issue. For the most remote among us, InternetNZ will continue to advocate for Infrastructure options that mean that all New Zealanders can access the Internet, and use it to make the most of their potential.

We believe that access issues for 9/10 New Zealanders are about affordability, skill, knowledge and other non-infrastructure issues.”

You can download the full report here:

“This year we took a close look at trust because of the events around the world that have impacted trust in the past year or so,” says Jordan Carter, InternetNZ’s Chief Executive. “Fake news, social media use in election campaigns, some high profile security incidents and data breaches have made it an important topic.”

(Jordan Carter has been Chief Executive of InternetNZ since 2013 and, with the merging of NZRS and InternetNZ, has just been appointed to the new Group Chief Executive Officer role starting on 15 January 2018.)

As a result of putting this report together, InternetNZ say they will be increasing their focus on:

  • identifying the types of digital divides affecting New Zealanders, and assist others in tackling the divides that are affecting their communities building a coherent framework for measuring and understanding trust online which looks at correctness, reliability, security, privacy and safety
  • driving up New Zealanders use of multi-factor authentication (currently at 36%)
  • bringing together better statistics and data to show how the Internet is contributing to New Zealand’s creative potential

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Blog post about the report:

You can download the full report here: