New Chair for 20/20 Trust

Trust moves forward with a younger leader and strengthens governance presence in Auckland.

Angela Lim - Trustee

In the last 23 years, the 2020 Trust has played a key role in shaping the digital inclusion landscape by providing vulnerable families with access to the digital world. Our award winning programmes, such as Computers in Homes, stood apart because of our deep commitment to a grassroots approach and enabling local communities.

In 2018, Trustees took stock of what the Trust has achieved, and asked ourselves the hard question: what impact do we want to make on the digital divide in modern day New Zealand. The exponential pace of technological change affects all New Zealanders, not just those in more vulnerable positions.

In our annual report, we announced the changes to the programs that we run and our organisational structure; this change has culminated in the appointment of a new Chair – Angela Lim – who takes up the position from 1st March 2019.

Angela is a Millennial and a medical professional who is now running her own tech start-up in the mental health space; she has a deep understanding of the communities that we serve.

The move to elect Angela as the new Chair reflects the desire for the Trust to move forward with a younger set of leaders, and strengthen our governance presence in Auckland. Trustees agree that the 20/20 Trust must remain relevant in a rapidly changing digital world, which needs a refreshed approach to better meet the needs of our people.

Angela brings an open-mindedness that will guide the Trust to address two main opportunities we have identified.
1. Actively practice biculturalism at all levels of the Trust to better serve our clients (more than 50% of our learners are Māori and more than 20% are Pasifika).
2. To build financial resilience through developing a social enterprise organisation that builds on our core skills and helps protect us from fluxes in funding.

20/20 Trust has stood the test of time and will continue to provide leadership through our work to deliver Digital Inclusion programmes throughout the country. We are confident that Angela Lim can lead us through the next era in the development of 20/20 Trust.