Executive Director Announcement

The Trustees of 20/20 Trust are pleased to announce the appointment of Sue West as Executive Director. Sue was appointed Auckland Area Manager in 2016, and has provided strong leadership in building the organisation to respond to the growing need for Digital Inclusion programmes in Auckland and Northland.

Sue has won the trust and respect of her staff and has built a deep relationship with key stakeholders during her time with 20/20 Trust. Sue is a digital education professional with more than 25 years experience; she is passionate and knowledgeable about digital inclusion and has championed diversity in the organisation.

20/20 Trust has introduced significant change to respond to the developments in the digital landscape and to improve our organisational effectiveness. Moving forward, 20/20 Trust is focused on becoming a truly bicultural organisation with a view of fostering partnerships with key players such as iwi on a national level.

Sue’s appointment positions 20/20 Trust to provide leadership and work with vulnerable communities to build and strengthen digital inclusion. Our interim Executive Director, Laurence Millar, will return to his role as a Trustee when Sue transitions to the position during October 2019.

We are pleased that Sue has accepted this appointment and know she will represent the 20/20 Trust well and continue to contribute much to Digital Inclusion in Aotearoa.