Ahmad Al Yassin Story – Refugee Connect June 2020

Ahmad and his family arrived in Dunedin one week before the COVID-19 lockdown, making it a very challenging time for his family.

When I arrived, I felt lost and disconnected. Entering the lockdown after our arrival in Dunedin made the situation more difficult for my family and I, especially  because we didn’t know how anything works here in Dunedin and we did not have digital access.

After attending the Refugee Connect, digital literacy online course during the lockdown period, and with the support of the 20/20 Trust facilitator; I learnt how to develop my individual digital plan, identified some goals and planned how to achieve them.

I learnt many new skills such as; how to use the Chromebook, email and Google Maps especially for when I go shopping for the family and for using public transportation during lockdown.  In addition, I learnt how to do online shopping, and how to use TradeMe and the Marketplace to buy much needed household items.

I am happy that I can use my Chromebook and mobile with confidence to search the Internet and learn about life in New Zealand and in my local area. The 20/20 Trust Refugee Connect programme has enabled me to learn new skills that I am able to teach my brothers and sisters and help them with their learning.

Ahmad is the oldest of seven children of Al Yassin Family. He is 19 years old and a former refugee. He has a passion for using digital technology. The family did not have a digital device or Internet connection at home and they had just arrived in Dunedin, a completely foreign city for them. The 20/20 Trust Refugee Connect programme provided Ahmad and his family with a Chromebook, Internet subsidy and digital literacy training.