QR Code? What’s that?

As we consider the world going forward and what the new uncertainties of COVID-19 are bringing to our lives. One thing is sure; the pandemic has meant people have required connection with digital technology in ways that they may not have had to before.

Many people have to deal with new realities, such as QR codes. For some, possibly for the first time. For people struggling with access to, and use of, digital devices, there are barriers to complying with Government’s requests at alert levels 2 and 2.5 to keep us all safe through contact tracing.

The 20/20 Trust works with vulnerable communities who are at risk of digital inequity by providing digital literacy training, support, and affordable access to digital devices and the Internet.

Recently, in response to these increased digital challenges faced by people, 20/20 Trust has introduced updated material into its courses. Course material such as how to download the NZ COVID Tracer app onto your smartphone or how to read a QR code, or how you can do contact tracing if you don’t have a smartphone.

By upskilling and supporting people with these additional challenges, 20/20 Trust hopes to further contribute to digital equity within Aotearoa/New Zealand.