Will we leave them behind?

Support grows for Digital Inclusion Manifesto

More organisations are signing up to the Digital Inclusion Manifesto. which calls for digital inclusion in all government programmes. 20/20 Trust Chair, Laurence Millar said there is widespread community support for the Manifesto’s goals, but few government-funded programmes specifically address New Zealand’s digital divide. “Our Manifesto calls on government to prioritise digital inclusion and skills… ... Read more

eWaste Manifesto launched by eDay Trust

The eDay Trust has produced a manifesto on eWaste, calling upon all political parties to support a sustainable solution. eWaste contains both toxic and valuable material, it is growing into a major problem and initiatives to date have not been sustainable. ... Read more

Will we leave them behind?

Literacy Day – Rethinking literacy in a digital world

The 20/20 Trust welcomes ‘literacy in a digital world’ as the focus for UNESCO’s International Literacy Day on 8 September.  Ms Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO, says digital technologies open vast new opportunities – but can marginalize those who lack essential skills, like literacy, needed to navigate them. “We couldn’t agree more,” said Laurence Millar, Chair of the 20/20 Trust.  “This is why we recently released a Digital Inclusion Manifesto … ... Read more