Team up with NetHui

Bring NetHui 2018 to your place

To widen community access NetHui again takes to the road, with one day NetHui in 3 locations in August/October. Team up with InternetNZ to bring New Zealand’s most inclusive diverse and interactive Internet-focused event to your town or city. ... Read more

6 March is Census Day

‘Digital first’ Census – help everyone’s voice be heard

The next census is on 6th March 2018, and is a ‘digital first’ census when people are sent an online code instead of paper forms. But most of the ‘digitally excluded’ people, that 20/20 programmes are for, do not have the internet. Please offer your help to make sure their voice is heard, and to complement and support the special efforts Census field teams will make to reach ‘offline’ dwellings and families. ... Read more