NZTech report: address students’ equity of access

A new report analyses New Zealand’s tech sector and highlights economic opportunities. It also recommends addressing the ‘Digital Learning Divide’.  “From Tech Sector to Digital Nation” is from NZTech, the New Zealand Technology Industry Association, with support from over 50 organisations from industry, education, health and government, including 2020’s strategic partner InternetNZ. The section on education focuses ... Read more

Privacy Week 2016, 9th-14th May, Privacy Commissioner, Te Mana Matapono Matatapu

Privacy week: worrying issues and useful tools

Last week was World Privacy Week, highlighting issues of privacy, trust and confidence on the web and in the real world. Here is our selection of recent reports and surveys, useful tools and good advice for keeping yourself safe on line. ... Read more

Digital Inclusion map grows in coverage and flexibility

The 2020 Trust’s Digital Inclusion map (at has reached a milestone, with over 500 resources ‘pins’ added. 2020 launched the prototype Digital Inclusion map at InternetNZ’s NetHui in July 2015. At the launch, the Executive Director of the 2020 Trust explained, “The digital sector needs a better understanding of who is working with which communities,to build and grow ... Read more

Research: Digital Inclusion and Meaningful Broadband Adoption Initiatives

A new study of eight digital inclusion organisations in the USA strongly supports the approach taken in New Zealand by the 2020 Trust, partners, government and supporters with Computers in Homes and other 2020 initiatives. The report by Dr. Colin Rhinesmith, Assistant Professor in the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Oklahoma, ... Read more

Chair’s Report, 2014-15

Trust Chair Laurence Millar reviews the year to June: in 15 years of Computers in Homes helped 15,000 families, and a review shows continuing strong need and value for money;  ICDL will upskill 7,500 jobseekers over three years; Executive Director, staff, contractors and partners keep focus on digital inclusion. ... Read more

Six more schools put their stories on Living Heritage

Recently four – no, now it’s six – New Zealand primary schools researched and published stories on Living Heritage. There are nearly 150 schools’ stories online. Living Heritage is a bilingual initiative enabling school students to develop and publish an online resource, based on a heritage treasure in their community, preserving them for future generations in the National Library archive. ... Read more

Outspoken: Vanisa Dhiru

Vanisa Dhiru, Executive Director, 2020 Trust featured on Radio New Zealand’s Outspoken on Wednesday 14th October 2015.  Outspoken is a video series about real people who care about real issues, published on The Wireless with funding from NZ On Air. The digital world is only getting bigger, which is why it’s more important than ever that we ... Read more

OECD, Students, Computers and Learning: Making the Connection, 15 September 2015

OECD report a timely reminder about ICTs in Schools

2020 Trust comment, Laurence Zwimpfer, 2020 Trust: The recent OECD Report on Students, Computers and Learning [1], raised some alarm bells for countries like New Zealand that have been investing heavily in ICT for education.  The OECD’s education director, Andreas Schleicher singles out countries including New Zealand and Australia which have high levels of computer and ... Read more

Technology in schools ‘not a magic bullet’: TV3 News

TV3 News 16 Sep 2015: Computers, laptops and other gadgets aren’t always the answer to better learning. That’s according to a new report that says some countries investing heavily in technology have seen no improvement in maths, science and reading. The item included comment from Education Minister Hekia Parata and Laurence Zwimpfer from the 2020 Trust, which ... Read more

New map proposed for digital inclusion initiatives in New Zealand

Day Zero of NetHui saw the 2020 Trust launch a drive to map digital inclusion projects across New Zealand. Vanisa Dhiru, Executive Director, explains, “The sector needs a better understanding of who is working with communities to build and grow digital skills. There are great projects happening across the country but many remain unknown.” ... Read more