Drop, Cover, Hold in Action at 2020 Offices

2020 Trust staff took part in today’s National Shakeout earthquake drill.  Kristina stepped up to her role as warden and Karin and Bill followed her instructions – under the desks!  They then proceeded to consume the 3-day supply of food and water.  Last seen they were gorging on the Timtams! Karin tried the emergency escape from our ... Read more

Schools receive UNESCO Living Heritage Awards

Students from three schools were presented with a UNESCO Living Heritage award at the National Digital Forum in Wellington this week.  The three schools were Paparore School from the Far North,  Tiniroto School near Gisborne and Waitakere College in Auckland.  The awards recognised the students’ creative contribution to the preservation of New Zealand’s history and ... Read more

Outspoken: Vanisa Dhiru

Vanisa Dhiru, Executive Director, 2020 Trust featured on Radio New Zealand’s Outspoken on Wednesday 14th October 2015.  Outspoken is a video series about real people who care about real issues, published on The Wireless with funding from NZ On Air. The digital world is only getting bigger, which is why it’s more important than ever that we ... Read more

OECD, Students, Computers and Learning: Making the Connection, 15 September 2015

OECD report a timely reminder about ICTs in Schools

2020 Trust comment, Laurence Zwimpfer, 2020 Trust: The recent OECD Report on Students, Computers and Learning [1], raised some alarm bells for countries like New Zealand that have been investing heavily in ICT for education.  The OECD’s education director, Andreas Schleicher singles out countries including New Zealand and Australia which have high levels of computer and ... Read more

Technology in schools ‘not a magic bullet’: TV3 News

TV3 News 16 Sep 2015: Computers, laptops and other gadgets aren’t always the answer to better learning. That’s according to a new report that says some countries investing heavily in technology have seen no improvement in maths, science and reading. The item included comment from Education Minister Hekia Parata and Laurence Zwimpfer from the 2020 Trust, which ... Read more

Tech support needed for Computers in Homes in Auckland

We are looking for a support technician with strong technical expertise to help our team deliver the Computers in Homes programme across the Auckland region. The role of the Support Technician is to: – Support the Local Delivery Partners to connect Computers in Homes families to the internet, including help to arrange their automatic payments – ... Read more

Seeking an additional Delivery Partner for Computers in Homes in Manuwera/Papakura

The Trust is seeking a new Local Delivery Partner for our Computers in Homes programme to be delivered in the Manuwera/Papakura area. The position is responsible for implementing the Computers in Homes programme and approved extensions of this programme, mainly through schools in a specified local community. The Local Delivery Partner refers requests from local schools to participate ... Read more

Seeking Auckland based Trustees for 2020 Trust

The 2020 Trust is an energetic and fast-moving organisation, working to the vision that all New Zealanders fully participate in our digital world. Information about the Trust, and current trustees, can be found at www.2020.org.nz. To support the growing need for our digital literacy programmes in the Auckland region, we are seeking two new trustees ... Read more

New map proposed for digital inclusion initiatives in New Zealand

Day Zero of NetHui saw the 2020 Trust launch a drive to map digital inclusion projects across New Zealand. Vanisa Dhiru, Executive Director, explains, “The sector needs a better understanding of who is working with communities to build and grow digital skills. There are great projects happening across the country but many remain unknown.” ... Read more