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The 20/20 Trust is seen throughout Aotearoa New Zealand as a foremost provider of digital inclusion programmes, leadership and research.

We work with partners to deliver community-based learning.  We focus on reciprocal relationships with community leaders, delivery partners, funding agencies, government departments, research institutes and technology providers.

We are currently working with over 30 partners to provide programmes for Māori, Pasifika, Seniors and Refugees or those without Level 2 NCEA qualifications. Our partners range from trusts, churches, community groups, training centres, marae and schools to deliver programmes to approximately 2,500 learners.

We are always keen to link up with organisations with similar objectives, as well as potential funders, supporters or delivery partners.

If you know of a community need and have an idea that can help, why not get in touch?

Contact us to discuss how we can work together.

We support our programmes with proven resources and flexible processes.  We work with community groups in ways that meet your particular needs and situations, plus offer you a range of digital literacy training modules from the complete beginner upwards.

Please note we do not provide individual-based or one-on-one computer learning. 

See current 20/20 programmes here

To deliver our programmes, we have built a nationwide team of dedicated coordinators and facilitators, along with a network of delivery partners, sponsors and support groups.

After taking part in one of our digital inclusion programmes learners will be able to:

  • access an affordable digital device that works for them as well as an affordable internet connection
  • gain skills and confidence to do what they want to do online
  • get motivated to get online to connect, communicate and create to find opportunities for learning, life, and work
  • know and trust that what they do online is safe and without harm.

Our success…

For us, the most important and rewarding recognition is when our digital inclusion initiatives are seen as worthy of wider adoption in New Zealand and receive continued support—whether by programme participants, community groups and trusts, local or central government, businesses, philanthropic organisations, academic researchers, individuals or others.

Often our programmes have been held up as models in government papers and initiatives, such as the New Zealand Digital Strategy.  Some have become mainstream, for example the computer cabling of schools, and some others become programmes receiving support from successive governments and budget, in particular Computers in Homes and now Family Connect.

Over the years, 20/20 Trust digital inclusion programmes have received more than 20 national and international awards and placings.