Computer Donation/Recycling

The 20/20 Trust does not accept computers for refurbishment/recycling, nor do we sell or donate computers except within our programmes.

Instead we work with MARS accredited and established computer refurbishers/recyclers:

Conbrio logo Refurbishing or recycling computer equipment via The Ark, securely wiping all data.

10B Earl Richardson Ave, Wiri, Auckland
P: (09) 272 2676
F: (09) 272 8276

Unit A3, 7 Nell Place, Raumanga, Whangarei
P: (09) 430 0394
F: (09) 272 8276

Remarkit - Green IT at its best Refurbishing computer equipment; processes donated equipment, securely wiping all data and refurbishing or recycling it.

Unit 3, 6 Cashew St, Grenada North, Wellington
17B Allright Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Logistics (04) 237 4910
Sales/Showroom (04) 912 1016
Operations (04) 912 1014

Wellington Warehouse (04) 912 1015
Auckland Warehouse (09) 570 5159

Digital Wings helps organisations responsibly dispose of their upgrade equipment by contributing them to charities, not-for-profit and whānau/ hapῡ community organisations.
Part of RemarkIT Solutions – see for contact details and application forms.  The main focus is youth ‘education to employment’, but donors can nominate charities. Digital Wings cannot assist individuals.