Digital Literacy Programmes

The DORA mobile digital learning centre with Stepping UP participants, at Woolston School, Christchurch.
The DORA mobile digital learning centre with Stepping UP participants, at Woolston School, Christchurch.

Since 1996 the 20/20 Trust has been tackling unmet digital needs of New Zealanders, piloting new approaches, working with partners and supporters, striving to make solutions widely known and adopted, and sharing knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

Our current programmes

The 20/20 Trust, with local community organisations, initiates and leads programmes that contribute to New Zealanders’ digital literacy, skills and inclusion. Our Manifesto for Digital Inclusion has gained widespread support.

Current programmes are:

  • CiH Connect – restarting the successful Computers in Homes programme that has brought skills and technology to more than 19,000 New Zealand families with school-aged children
  • Family Connect – supporting 700 Auckland adults with low  qualifications on a year-long digital journey, combining training, device, and broadband with an individual goal-focussed approach
  • Digital Inclusion Map prototype – giving visibility to digital inclusion projects and resources
  • Digital Technologies in Schools – tracking the use and challenges of Information and Communication Technology in education since 1993

Past programmes

When the need for a programme is satisfied, is no longer a priority due to social and technological changes, or become mainstream in other organisations,  we close programmes down – freeing 20/20’s resources for new challenges.

During 2018, the Board decided to focus on core programmes that deliver digital skills and inclusion; as a result a number of programmes have been transferred to other organisations.

The Digital Inclusion Aotearoa Alliance was established to take over the operations of Stepping UP, Spark Jump and DORA.

  • Stepping UP promotes digital literacy in subjects that enhance peoples’ work and home lives. Partnering with libraries and community training centres throughout New Zealand has created greater community outreach and outcomes. It offers 31 different topic-focused modules with each taking two hours to complete.
  • Spark Jump  is a low-cost, pre-pay internet service for families with school-aged children, from the Spark Foundation.
  • DORA is a mobile digital learning centre.

ICDL Asia is providing direct delivery of the ICDL suite of programmes.

Past Programmes (under ‘About 20/20 Trust’) include:

  • CANZ (Computer Access New Zealand – refurbishing thousands of computers for community projects
  • eDay – responsibly recycling thousands of tonnes of e-waste
  • Living Heritage – publishing 146 school local history projects
  • NetDay – volunteers installing computer networking in over 500 schools
  • Pasifika IT – running conferences, forums and seminars, and initiating partnerships to support digital literacy and technical skills in Pacific Island countries.
  • Positive Computing (for Parents) – teaching hundreds of parents safe computing
  • The Headlight Series – bringing together businesses, communities, government, ICT sector and academia to share information
  • WCN (Wellington Community Net) – free web hosting and support for over 600 community organisations
  • Smart Newtown – establishing free computer and internet access and training