Digital Inclusion Map

Screen shot of the map
Screen shot of the map

The aim of Digital Inclusion map is to collect and map all the digital inclusion projects across New Zealand. Launched in 2015, it is the first map to attempt this in New Zealand.

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To use the Internet, you need digital skills, access, motivation – and to feel that you can trust the online environment. We need a range of ways to help Kiwis to feel comfortable in the digital world – and that means more courses and access points to get on the Internet.

Why do we need a digital inclusion map?

There are great projects happening across the country but many remain relatively unknown and deserve more visibility. The digital sector needs a better understanding of who is working with which communities,to build and grow digital skills. Organisations hosting these initiatives could work together better to help more people, or share participants if there are too many for one place to deal with. Decision makers, funders and policy makers in central and local government, and in the philanthropic sector, need to know what is already happening – and working – in digital literacy and digital inclusion so they can most effectively target investments.

Aims of the map

The map aims to map as many digital inclusion projects as we can, to get a picture of who is doing what, then all New Zealanders with and interest or leading role digital inclusion and its economic and social benefits can all what is available in each area and see where best to use our resources. So far we have mapped over 650 project locations.

Project and resource locations can be shown by type, region, programme and ‘owning’ organisation.

New joint-venture map colour codes ‘hot-spots’

In 2016/17 we worked with InternetNZ on a new map with colour coding that gives a different perspective by showing social and technology deprivation as well linking to local digital inclusion resources. In 2017, InternetNZ and 20/20 launched the Digital Divide ‘heatmap’ includes digital resource information from the Digital Inclusion map and may eventually, when it has equivalent functionality, replace the digital divide map.

Interested in supporting the Digital Inclusion map?

Funding for the inclusion map covered the development of the prototype and some functional additions. It is maintained by voluntary effort and we would love your help to improve it. If you feel it is a useful and valuable New Zealand resource, please help by, for example:

  • Suggesting new resources
  • Volunteer time (even if only a couple of hours) to seek out new resources, add them to the map and help keep information up to date
  • Using and giving feedback on its user interface
  • Funding improvements in the user interface to the map and further develop its functionality

Contact | 0221 923 326 to offer help or feedback

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