Family Connect





Family Connect now supports 1,800 learners in Auckland City, Waitakere and South Auckland and throughout other regions. It is our current flagship digital inclusion programme for learning, life and work for adults who have low or no education qualifications.

We deliver the programme in partnership with emergency housing organisations, churches, libraries, District Health Boards, schools, social and community organisations.

We engage learners by putting their learning into real life situations — engaging with their child/children’s learning, managing their own health, exploring job opportunities, interacting with government agencies, investigating personal interests, so they can participate in everyday online interactions like shopping, banking, as well as connecting with friends and whānau both in Aotearoa New Zealand and overseas.

If your organisation would like to become a Referral Partner, please contact us.

Family Connect Programme regional breakdown for 1800 learners

Family Connect Programme breakdown of regional numbers displayed on a map of Aotearoa New Zealand