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This has been a collaborative project between telco Chorus New Zealand and the 20/20 Trust designed to benefit a community in need—so that people there can learn more and participate more effectively in the ever-changing digital world.

Now that we have successfully concluded a pilot programme we are delighted to continue our partnership with Chorus to expand this programme starting early 2024.

Like the pilot programme, this will again involve 20 hours of second-tier digital training for 100 learners in four Northland centres. Each will receive both a 12-month internet connection subsidy as well as a device (just like Family Connect).

Eligible learners were those who identify as Māori or Pasifika, aged 18 or over. Learners will be required to have basic digital skills along with knowledge and reasonable confidence using a digital device.

Programmes Coordinator, Marion Kerepeti-Edwards, has worked alongside local community referral partners and facilitators to ensure this project will again be successful in supporting learners in the identified Northland areas.