Spark Jump

Spark Jump is supported by the Spark FoundationSpark Jump is a new low-cost, pre-pay internet service for families with school-aged children, subsidised by the Spark Foundation and offered through Spark Jump community partners, including the 20/20 Trust.  Jump Start costs $15 for a pre-paid 30 GB data pack and WiFi modem use; the data-pack expires after 30 days and so must be topped up monthly.

(Click here if you already have Spark Jump and want to run a speed test on your modem.)

Why would I want Spark Jump?

Spark Jump is great for families who

  • have school-aged children
  • know that home internet access is important to their child’s education and can really lift their academic achievement
  • struggle to pay larger fixed monthly internet charges but can manage $15/month
  • don’t want to be tied to a contract, but want the flexibility of pre-pay that you can renew or not as you wish

It’s also good for accessing health, government, shopping and job sites, and so can increase your employability, financial and general well-being.  It’s easy to keep an eye on how many GigaBytes you’ve used, so you don’t run out unexpectedly.

Can I get Spark Jump?

Spark Jump is not available for everyone, and it is not available through the Spark Foundation or for purchase at Spark stores. Spark Foundation works with local community-based organisations (Spark Jump providers) who identify and refer eligible families.  You can get Spark Jump if ALL these apply:

How do I get Spark Jump?

If you meet all three conditions,  you will need to register for a free, 1-2 hour easy-paced Spark Jump workshop at your local library, community centre or Spark Jump provider. The workshop will take you through setting up and looking after your Spark Jump modem, signing your Spark Jump Kawa of Care form, and running a Spark Jump speed test at home.  The workshops are run by 20/20 Stepping UP training partners.

Click here for more information and to register for a workshop on the Stepping UP website.