Digital Technologies in Schools

The Digital Technologies in Schools research programme provides critical information on the state of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure development and the use of digital technologies in schools. The research has run since 1993, and provides a comprehensive time series of data that spans some 21 years. The 20/20 Trust has coordinated the survey since 2005.

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Regular nationwide survey of schools

The main tool of the programme is a nationwide survey of Digital Technologies in New Zealand Schools, carried out every two to three years. A consistent underlying methodology and set of key questions enable trends to be measured, whilst non-core questions reflect current issues, continual changes in ICT and the objectives of the research partners.

Clear, detailed reports present the results and can be freely downloaded. The framework used for the survey is based on the key elements of future-focused learning environments, including planning for digital technologies, digital tools for learning, teacher confidence in managing digital classrooms and integration of digital resources with the curriculum. The survey also obtains feedback from principals on learning impacts and barriers to use.

Research results useful and used

The survey provides a trusted information base for policy development by the Ministry of Education as well as a useful benchmark for individual schools. The results of the survey are published on the web and a printed copy is sent to all schools.

Download page for Digital Technologies in Schools research; printed copies can be provided on request to

Recent Surveys

The last two surveys (2016/17 and 2014) were shorter and simpler than in previous years, and schools were able to provide responses online or on paper. These surveys were open to all schools; in previous years a representative sample of schools was invited to respond.

The results of the survey are published on the web; a printed copy sent to all schools, and is also available on request.

Schools that participated in the survey receive a confidential Report Card, comparing their responses with the average for schools of a similar type. In recent surveys, schools that complete the questionnaire by the close date were entered into a prize draw for a set of ten Chromebooks.

Research partners

The 20/20 Trust has coordinated and disseminated the research since 2005. The Trust has initiated school digital technology projects since 1996, starting with NetDay and continuing with Living Heritage and Computers in Homes. We have a strong research and evidence-based approach to all our programmes’ initiation, management and reporting.

The actual survey work has been carried out by Research New Zealand since 1994. The research is supported by a number of partners from government and business. Partners for the 2016/17 survey include 2 Degrees, the Ministry of Education, InternetNZ, Microsoft,  Netsafe and Research New Zealand.  2014 partners included Hewlett-Packard New Zealand, InternetNZ, Microsoft, the Ministry of Education, Research New Zealand, Te Puni Kokiri, Whats Just Changed, The Science Learning Hub at Waikato University, Network for Learning and Chorus.